Kula Makua Programs

Kula Makua’s Adult Waldorf Education has two main aspects: the Foundation Studies and the Teacher Training studies. These studies embrace the Waldorf approach to education, personal artistic development, and some of life’s deeper questions as explored by Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf movement. Classes meet on Friday evenings and Saturdays over most of the weekends during the school year. This enables our students to work while they attend our classes and also frees them up for classroom work during the school week. Classroom observations, participation and student teaching are scheduled during the week days through an individualized schedule for each credit student. A Three Week Summer Intensive is also part of the program. Because, ideally, a Waldorf teacher will take up regular study for the rest of his or her working life, to continue to draw at the well, so to speak, we have an independent study component to our program. Students meet in groups for a two-hour study on a weekly basis during the school year. Program hours over the three years total about twelve hundred, leaving our graduates well-prepared to begin their journeys as Waldorf teachers. Also welcome are those who join the classes on an audit basis as adult education students, to fulfill an interest in one or more areas of the studies, as well as part-time credit students who desire to take classes over a longer period of time. 

Foundation Studies

Kula Makua’s Foundation Studies explore Rudolf Steiner’s central ideas on the nature of the human being and the education of the child. Two interrelated elements are included in this exploration: study work and artistic activities. Students will be involved in studies of several books by Rudolf Steiner, such as Esoteric Science, Theosophy, Rosicrucian Wisdom, How to Know Higher Worlds, or Christianity as a Mystical Fact. Also offered each semester are a number of artistic courses which can be transformative in nature, as well as a preparation for Waldorf teaching. This artistic work includes watercolor painting, drawing, clay modeling, singing, recorders, voicework, speech, storytelling, eurythmy, spacial dynamics, blacksmithing, woodworking, and handwork, including knitting, crocheting, sewing dolls and animals, felting, and needlework. 

From time to time, special lectures and workshops from local and visiting teachers are presented.

Teacher Training Studies

The focus of Kula Makua’s Teacher Training Studies is on preparing the students to carry a class in a Waldorf School as a Grades teacher, from the first through the eighth grades, or as an Early Childhood teacher. The program combines a study of the fundamentals of Waldorf education and child development with training in the academic disciplines and the development of skills for imaginative classroom management. Rudolf Steiner’s books: Foundations of Human Experience (The Study of Man), Discussions with Teachers and Practical Advice for Teachers are included in the studies. Equally stressed is artistic work in many of its various forms – as a vehicle for intellectual development, creativity, and imagination.

The intensive curriculum studies are complemented by firsthand observation and student teaching experiences in the classrooms of experienced Waldorf School teachers. In addition, small group seminars and individual meetings with a mentor and with class teachers are held on a regular basis. The Teacher Training studies are rigorous and exceptionally rewarding.