It is difficult to imagine a program that could exceed the excellent quality of training I have received at Kula Makua. From the insightful and intimate group studies to the artistic energy in the classrooms, each course offered a firm and reliable stepping stone towards the greater path to becoming a Waldorf teacher. In an atmosphere of great warmth and vitality, Kula Makua teachers shared their wisdom, knowledge, and above all, love for their profession. There can be no greater inspiration for an aspiring Waldorf teacher than to be part of a program as comprehensive and devoted to a better education as Kula Makua’s”

–Mari Marzolf

“I found Kula Makua and Waldorf education to be a wonderful alternative to mainstream education.  I felt it developed a sense of wholeness in the individual, with an emphasis on reverence for the spirit.”

–Samantha Yang


“I am pleased to have completed my Teacher Training program with Kula Makua. Every aspect, from the beautiful art courses, the thorough science and humanities classes, the mind-expanding lectures and, most importantly, the over two hundred hours spent observing and participating in the classrooms has come together full circle and created an excellent education for me, as a Waldorf teacher.”

–Jemma Haskins

“I wanted to make a career shift and become a Waldorf teacher.  Yet, I still needed to continue in my former job in order to support my family here in Hawaii.  Kula Makua made it possible for me to pursue my goal.  I was able to do My Foundation Studies and my Teacher Training while continuing to live and work in Hawaii.  The added bonus was being able to interact with actual class teachers and students at the Honolulu Waldorf School – an extremely “hands on” experience.  Also, because of the smaller size of the trainee groups, I felt that each of us was being personally formed as a Waldorf teacher, with much individual attention and warmth given by those who worked with us.”

–Randy Castello,  Class Teacher Honolulu Waldorf School